It is a common misconception among the physicists of New Eden that the universe began with a bang. Many centuries have been wasted trying to determine its character and how, exactly, in the first few microseconds of existence the known universe expanded to millions of times its size despite having seemingly nothing to expand into.

Their first mistake was assuming that before the universe there was in fact, nothing. If those physicists had been there at the precise moment when "nothing" became "everything," they may have seen a flash of pink and gold as eight fleshy tendrils of arcane energy reached across the great expanse into the infinitely compressed pinpoint of matter that was to become the universe. They also may have heard a mighty HONK! as said tendrils stretched the entire known universe wider than ever thought imaginable. They may have even gasped in awe as, in that very moment, stars were born, planets created, souls spilled forth, and Gootse, blessed be his name, looked down upon one unusually dust-filled galaxy and smiled.

For there he would lay his chosen ones in eggs of iridescent silver and gold, and there they would thrive, geese among the stars.

--The Book of Gootse

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